Open Source

Hay River Software is the sole contributor to ExhibitMaker an open source project hosted on Google Code. It is a FileMaker database that can output HTML files that use the MIT Widgets to display Timelines, interactive Google maps and MIT Runway displays. Note that this project is quite dated. It uses a fairly old version of FileMaker and older versions of the MIT Widgets. The FileMaker file will upgrade to the latest FileMaker version. At least one example program links to images on a server that no longer exists.

ExhibitMaker is a FileMaker database and XSLT files used to automate the process of creating HTML files and corresponding JSON data file that when viewed in a browser can display a timeline, tiles of information, a set of data points on a map or a table of data. They use the MIT SIMILE Exhibit project JavaScript libraries to display interactive Timelines, Exhibits and Maps. This project will create fairly simple HTML pages that take advantage of some of the basic MIT SIMILE features. It was designed for a beginner to get a timeline created in the easiest possible way. The database requires the user to have a copy of FileMaker 8.5 or newer. A Macintosh FileMaker runtime versions of this database is available that will run on Macintosh OS X and the Windows version will be available in the near future. These are much larger downloads but don't require the FileMaker application.


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