GasifierGraphing is a program written in Processing that runs on a computer (and possibly in the future on an Android tablet) that does real time graphing of temperatures and pressures from my GasifierMonitor Arduino program.

Processing is a programming language using Java code made for artists and designers. The Arduino software is an offshoot of Processing. It looks very much like the Arduino software but is more feature rich. Check out this interactive "Hello Processing Video" for an idea of what Processing can do.

GasifierGraphing also displays a schematic of my gasifier with temperatures, pressures, blower speed, O2 sensor, Air intake mixer valve position displayed in the locations where they are measured. Right now the blower speed can be controlled as well as turning the blower on and off.

Contact me at if you are interested in the code.

Significant changes have been made to the Gasifier IR code to fix bugs and make output data available to the program. Check out the Gasifier IR code (if posted after 3-24-2014).

Screen shots below.

This software is in a testing phase. Many more features can be added including control for air mixing valve, remote generator starting and stopping, generator RPM monitoring, remote flare ignition, automatic grate shaking and data logging to a file. Graphing could be added for the O2 sensor reading and the air inlet position.

Warning: The Solid State Relay being used in the Gasifier IR project to control the speed of the blower motor in not intended to be used this way. It is the wrong part. Don't use it.

I will be checking into affordable ways to do this with an AC powered blower. Stay tooned. George

Below are links to the files to use with Processing.