ForXs SIF agent.

Please note that this software is now a bit dated. It will still work but was designed for older versions of Mac OSX and for SIF version 2.

ForXs is tool to automate and supplement the Macintosh OS X Server Workgroup Manager in a school district (K-12) that has implemented SIF to exchange information between management systems.

As a user management agent

ForXs registers with a SIF Zone and accepts information sent to the agent from the zone about staff and students. It uses this information to create and manage user accounts on a Macintosh OS X 10.4, 10.5, 10.6 or 10.7 Server. Configuration settings allow the agent to accept usernames and passwords sent to it from the Zone or it can create unique usernames and passwords as needed.

Up to the minute addition of student and staff user accounts

As new students are enrolled or existing student's information is changed that information is passed on through the zone to ForXs. ForXs adds or changes the user accounts as it receives the information. The process can take a bit more than a minute but less time than it takes a new student to walk from the office to the computer lab.

The ForXs manual contains information needed to get the agent up and running. Very complex situations may require further assistance. Please use the Contact Us form available from the home page to request help.

ForXs Manual

The ForXs agent normally runs in the background with no need for interaction but for set up and synchronizing, the debugging and query tools like the windows pictured below are available.

A fully functioning version of the ForXs agent can be downloaded on the Downloads page. It does require that you request a trial license file before it will run which can be requested on the License Request page. The trial license file is good for 90 days.